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BlockSchool’s curriculum contains both structured exercises and projects. Exercises let students discover concepts, and projects let them use those concepts in creative ways. Exercises have right and wrong answers, whereas projects only have goals.
Each project is carefully crafted in a way that teaches key computer science concepts like loops, lists, functions, and more. Under the guidance of their teacher, students will discover how to leverage these concepts to achieve their goals.
Projects are cross disciplinary and range from music to ancient history, but every project requires programming. BlockSchool's vast library of projects ensure every student finds projects that deeply interest them.
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Meet Casey, the Build Bot

Casey likes to build all sorts of things, but since Casey is a robot, students must write code to command Casey.
Don’t worry, Casey won’t always look this way. Students can upgrade and customize Casey over time.

How do students code Casey?

BlockSchool has created a visual programming language called “Puzzle”, much like MIT’s Scratch. Using Puzzle, students assemble commands to instruct Bay to do all sorts of things.
Puzzle is simple enough for any child to understand. Puzzle requires zero typing, and very minimal reading. Later on in the curriculum, students can choose to type their code.


BlockSchool has a wide variety of projects to flex student brains every which way. More info coming soon.

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