Tuition rates at many schools continue to rise. At BlockSchool, we recognize that after-school supplementary education is a service many families might find difficult to afford.
That is why BlockSchool is an online-only school. Without any extraneous overhead like real estate, BlockSchool can offer live coding classes at the most competitive rates in the industry.
BlockSchool also supports up to 2 students per class, so by splitting the cost with a friend or sibling, families save money.
Interested in a discount? Message us to receive lower rate classes while we're in beta.
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What makes BlockSchool different?

After School Program

Group class of 4+ students

$20 ‐ $75 / hour (4-15+ students)

No choice of teacher

Imbalanced age & gender groups

Strict cancellation policy

Available in specific regions (SF, NYC)

Commute to class

Long 1-2 hour classes

Classes available weekdays 4-7PM

Wide variety of curriculums

Private class of 1-2 students

$18 ‐ $48 / hour (1-2 students)

Choice of teacher

Your choice of a friend or sibling

Cancel 24+ hours in advance for full credit

Available anywhere

No commuting to class

Optimal 40 minute class length

Classes available any time any day

Fun project-based curriculum

100% Refund Policy

BlockSchool takes great pride in every class we teach, and we are confident in our product offerings. However, if for whatever reason you are unhappy with BlockSchool after 3 classes, you can request a full refund. You will receive your refund within 30 days of the request, no questions asked.

Schedule a Parent Demo

You can schedule a demo before scheduling a class for your child. A live teacher will show you how everything works, and help you find a time for your child to take their free trial class.
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